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How to Meet Women

Be Creative. Meet More Women.

How To Meet WomenHow do you attempt to get dates now, in a major metropolitan area where most women rarely talk to strangers?

Case the gym? Troll the bars? Browse every dating website?

Not bad, but a real Dating Master casts a wider and more creative net than that.

Master Meeting Tip: Repeated Exposure! Our favorite means: Manicures. HOLD ON, don’t close the window. You didn’t click the wrong button. Read now and thank us later.

A woman in a large city is far more receptive to contact by a man she has seen on more than one occasion. You’ve likely seen proof by friendly nods or hellos in your apartment building hallway, or perhaps at the Starbuck’s where you buy your morning coffee. A nail salon elevates this safety dynamic to a whole new level. Not only is she seeing you in a context she can relate to, but your presence there shows that you take great care of your hands — a seemingly small detail in personal grooming — and a man showing attention to detail will probably also be attentive to a woman’s needs!

Here’s what you do: Street-level nail salons are everywhere in New York, and generally have big windows enabling you to glance in as you pass by. Take a walk near office or home and find one that looks at least somewhat busy, and where you see at least a couple of women you find attractive. Go in after work on the same day each week, and get yourself a manicure meet your match(Cost: about $5-9 plus tip, and 20 minutes of your time). Someone will inevitably return your eye contact and smile. It will   happen if you are patient. Conversation just flows naturally in this environment of shared experience. If she’s not single, she may want to fix you up with a friend who is, so charmed is she by seeing how civilized you are! One caveat: If you do end up having a relationship (or hook-up) from your man-mani exploits and things end badly, be prepared to switch salons. It’s only fair.

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