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Smooth Dating Moves

Smooth Dating Moves

Spill the Wine, Get the Girl — A simple act of chivalry pays off huge

spill the wineWe have all experienced how one clumsy act or unintentionally offensive statement can become a deal breaker early on in dating relationships. The good news is the flip side of that same seemingly sad coin: One small act of kindness, a well-timed and “humble” mention of some humanitarian act you’ve done,  or even one thoughtful gesture can totally seal the deal and make her overlook a multitude of flaws. This is the moment you are golden. What follows is the inspirational story of one man’s golden moment.

Many years ago, our hero had been invited to a White House state dinner and invited as his guest a young woman he’d been out with once before. She was quite petrified that she would not fit in with the diplomats, ambassadors and cabinet members, nor have enough of a handle on formal etiquette to even fake her way through the evening. He repeatedly reassured her until she agreed to go as his plus-one.

The White House was appointed in its glitziest incarnation for the occasion and the guest list of dignitaries did not disappoint. The man’s date remained quite nervous and he continued to be reassuring and gracious, as he was a true Modern Dating Master. Arriving at the dinner table set with exquisite crystal and more forks at each place than she’d ever seen before, the young woman anxiously took her seat.

spill the wine get the girlThe moment came during the dinner when a toast was about to be made. The room became hushed and all eyes focused on the speaker. The young woman, reaching to lift her wine glass, instead accidentally knocked it over. Seeing this about to happen, almost before her glass even hit the table cloth, our Dating Master reached forward and swiftly knocked over not only his own wine glass but a couple of others in the process, stood slightly and began making audible whispered apologies to everyone at the table while hastily picking up the toppled glasses. So effectively had he drawn focus to himself that not a single person in that dining room knew that it had been his date who created the disturbance. Once he quietly settled back down in his seat and his glance met hers, he saw that she was instantly and completely at ease, thoroughly grateful and quite in awe of him. Not only had he saved her from embarrassment but also created a little secret that bonded them. She fell deeply for him that night and the two are still together to this day.

Now, this is an extreme example involving not only split-second reflexes but also an unusually formal setting. But the lesson is clear and applicable in many everyday situations. Pay attention, think about her needs and act like a hero when the opportunities present themselves. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how appreciative your date will be when you put her first.

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