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Your MDM Decoder Ring: “What do women mean when they say……”

Your MDM Decoder Ring:

What do women mean when they say……?

decoder ringSo many men ask this question, and for good reason.
We know, we know. Understanding womens’ meaning is not always easy.
More than half of communication involves intelligently listening.
That is, IF you’re doing it right.

We teach our clients the skills necessary to listen well, think on their feet and respond in ways that draw their dates closer. For these Modern Dating Masters, dating becomes an easier, more enjoyable and fruitful pursuit. Below are a few examples of things women say that used to stump our clients, decoded for your dating success!

Scenario 1: You’re at dinner. The check arrives. You grab it and she offers to pay or split the check. You, a Master of Modern Dating, say “No, it’s my treat.”

If she asks: “Are you sure?”
It means: “Reassure me that it’s your intention to treat me to dinner.”

If she says: “I insist.”
It means: “Let me treat you this time/pay my share.”

Scenario 2: You’ve asked a woman out. She says she’s busy that night.

She may mean: “I’m not interested.” But…
A Modern Dating Master finds out which by simply asking what night she’s free instead.

If she hedges, says she’s not sure, or says she’s very busy…
It likely means: “I’m not interested in you.”

If she tells you other nights that she’s free…
It means: “Yes, I’m interested! Plan a date with me for another day.”

Scenario 3: Another woman walks by your table. Your date asks, “Do you like what she’s wearing?” A Modern Dating Master, knowing it is rude to let his attention stray from his date, would smartly ask, “Who?”

Your date’s question may mean: “I wonder if you like that dress. I want to shop for something new.” Believe it or not, some women are quite straightforward and it may actually be a fashion question.

More often, it means: “I want to know that you find me attractive.”
A Modern Dating Master would look into her eyes, touch her hand if it’s within reach, and say, “I only care about what you’re wearing. By the way, you look beautiful tonight.”

IF you are not yet a Master of Modern Dating and DID, in fact, look the other woman up and down, your date’s question likely means: “I’m wondering why you’d be staring at her when you’re here with me.”
Learn from your momentary lapse and do a course correction by saying: “Yes, I was thinking how much better it would look on you.”

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