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Dating Coach Improves Your Dating SuccessOur dating expert is here to help men become successful with women. Because women generally think differently than men, many men experience near-misses and rejections that seem to make no sense. This kind of experience can easily be turned around with the right information. We bring an extraordinary amount of knowledge to the table so that you can be in the know, quickly master yourself and begin manifesting the kind (and quantity!) of connections you desire. See below for a sampling of our areas of expertise.

Notes: Services with an *asterisk are available only to Private Client Group members. In all our services, we are committed to keeping your personal information strictly confidential.

First Date OracleThe “First Date Oracle,” an exclusive MDM offering

Dating CoachPresentation Coaching

Dating Coach“Hunting and Gathering”

Dating CoachCommunications Coaching

Dating CoachBe a Man With a Plan

Dating CoachGame-Time

Email CoachingE-mail Coaching

The “First Date Oracle,” an exclusive MDM offering

first date oracleNothing mystical about it, but the results will enlighten you! Strongly recommended as the first step for all new clients. Take our volunteer on a simple coffee or drink date and get a window into your level of dating mastery.

Profile writers polish your online persona…

Pickup experts teach you tricks to inspire her interest…

Matchmakers find you dates…

BUT: NONE of these will do you much good if you haven’t mastered the art of the date.


Are you showing up with a sense of strength and presence? Are you demonstrating the characteristics she looks for in a man? How do your conversational skills and planning make her feel?

Through the fresh eyes of our dating expert, invaluable information is gleaned from a simple, hour-long, actual date.

You will then receive a comprehensive, constructive report of your strengths and weaknesses, along with recommendations for next steps, regardless of whether you choose our coaching services. From this place of self awareness, you can go on to make small adjustments on your own or big changes with the help of a coach. A 30-minute consultation with our dating expert is included, to clarify your report and answer any questions you may have.

Introductory Special: 80% off $375: $75

presentation coaching

Presentation Coaching

Ever notice how women are drawn to some men and not others? Well… it’s time to be … SOME MEN!!!

  • Upgrade your online profile to one that gets attention and results
  • Cultivate a magnetic personal presence
  • Learn how conversation is not only about what you say
  • Wardrobe consulting
  • Your life: Do YOU find it fascinating? If not, chances are neither will she. We specialize in life coaching that enables you to elevate your life to the next level and beyond, on both the inside (e.g., your happiness and health) and the outside (e.g., your material success and lifestyle).

hunting and gathering

“Hunting and Gathering”

For clients who need — or just want — support in meeting the right women

  • Realize which methods work best for you
  • Learn to navigate online dating websites skillfully
  • Gain confidence in approaching women in public
  • Cherry-Picking: Let us find candidates for you on selected dating sites
  • Personal matchmaking*

communications coaching

Communications Coaching

  • Learn how to write online messages women will find hard to ignore
  • Master a magnetic conversational style
  • Read women to determine the right timing for getting offline and making that date
  • The best way (and time) to use the phone to attract women

A Man With A Plan

 Be a Man With a Plan

The date you plan speaks volumes about you and also about what you think of her. Leaving an impression is not about spending a lot of money; It’s about showing your unique value that sets you apart from other guys, while honoring her preferences too.

  • Master Manhattan: A game plan for every situation
  • Making the most of your time on first dates

game timeGame-Time

You get one chance to make a first impression. Then you have to back it up by bringing your best. She’s agreed to go out with you (or to go out with you AGAIN) and we’ve got a hundred and one ways to make you look good!

  • Etiquette coaching: More important that you imagine. Most women have an eye for detail, so the smallest things can make or break you. Let us show you how manners and grace can inspire her continued interest.
  • Timing: When to show up, when to make a move, when to call it a night
  • Plan B: Being ready to change course at a moment’s notice
  • E.T.A. (Emergency Text Assistance): An expert coach can be available by text or phone for a 1-6 hour window during your date to assist with on-the-spot conundrums *

Email Coaching

Email Coaching

Though not as powerful as our face-to-face coaching, a realistic option for men who prefer to maintain privacy or even anonymity when seeking guidance in their love lives. Clients send confidential questions to their coach and receive personal answers with insights and suggestions.

Packages or A la Carte: Customize Your Investment in Yourself

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First Date Oracle Dating Evaluation: Introductory Special: 80% off $375 $75

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Initial Consultation (75 minutes): $195


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Hourly Dating Mastery Coaching: $150


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Profile Writing: (Includes 75-min. face-to-face or Skype session) $375 for one website profile. Each add’l website add $30

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Cherry Picking Service Only: (Includes 75-minute face-to-face or Skype session) $450 for 25-45 recommendations, depending on your personality and specifications

Packages are available as follows:

add to cartLevel 1 Mastery Clients will receive six hours of custom-tailored skills coaching and personal guidance over the course of 2 weeks, which includes some or all of the above variety of modalities to assist in your dating success. This includes 3 face-to-face (or Skype) 75-minute meetings with your personal coach and email follow-up assistance between sessions. Note that profile writing and research requires time spent out of contact with client and is factored into this package. Phone assistance is gladly provided in urgent situations.

$675 (25% savings)

add to cartLevel 2 Mastery Clients receive all of the above, 2 additional 75-minute coaching sessions, as well as once-daily email follow-ups with your personal coach for a period of 30 days. Phone assistance is gladly provided in urgent situations.

$945 (30% savings)

Private Client Membership

A select group of clients keep our expert on retainer on a monthly basis.  Private Client privileges provide prompt access by phone, priority responses to emails, personal matchmaking services, E.T.A. and Follow-Up Date Oracle dates. Membership by MDM invitation only.

* Asterisks above denote services available only to Private Client Group