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Mastering The Date

Mastering The Date

Be a Man With a Plan

learn moreThe date you plan speaks volumes about you and also about what you think of her. Leaving an impression is not about spending a lot of money; It’s about showing your unique value that sets you apart from other guys, while honoring her preferences too.

  • Master Manhattan: A game plan for every situation
  • Making the most of your time on first dates


learn moreYou get one chance to make a first impression. Then you have to back it up by bringing your best. She’s agreed to go out with you (or to go out with you AGAIN) and we’ve got a hundred and one ways to make you look good!

  • Etiquette coaching: More important that you imagine. Most women have an eye for detail, so the smallest things can make or break you. Let us show you how manners and grace can inspire her continued interest.
  • Timing: When to show up, when to make a move, when to call it a night
  • Plan B: Being ready to change course at a moment’s notice
  • E.T.A. (Emergency Text Assistance): An expert coach can be available by text or phone for a 1 or 2 hour window during your date to assist with on-the-spot conundrums *
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Notes: Services with an *asterisk are available only to Private Client Group members. In all our services, we are committed to keeping your personal information strictly confidential.